Introducing Dot Point

Introducing a new era of proprietary trading
performance programme for APAC traders.

Dot Point designs innovative simulation contests that test trading strategies in forex, commodities, indices, and crypto markets. Successful traders would have access to virtual funding of up to US$400,000 and earn performance rewards of up to 80% of the virtual profits realised within the simulation. These rewards are designed to reflect the application of trading skills and strategies. Our partnership with a premier broker ensures a secure and sophisticated trading environment. Our innovative funding challenges and strategies empower traders to capitalize on market opportunities without risking personal funds.

*Maximum capital allocation per trader, equivalent to 4 Dot Point challenges at US$100,000 each

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The Dot Point Evaluation

Pass the 2-step evaluation process
to become a Dot Point trader


Dot Point Challenge

Dare to excel:
Prove your skills, meet targets, and pass the first hurdle.



Optimise your strategy:
Show consistent success and validate your trading prowess.


Dot Point Trader

Thrive as a pro:
Become a Dot Point Trader, start to enjoy an 80% profit split from your trades.

Meet the Objectives

With potential to trade up to US$400,000 of our capital,
earn 80% of profits from your trades

Account Size
The amount of virtual funds allocated to your demo account for trading during the challenge, mirroring real-world trading capital.
Profit Target (Challenge/Verification)
The definitive earnings goal set for each phase of the challenge, using your demo account, to showcase your trading acumen and secure progression within our trading program. For example, for a demo account with an initial balance of US$100,000, the profit target is US$10,000 (10%) in Challenge Stage and US$5,000 (5%) in Verification Stage.
Max. Daily Drawdown
Limit your losses to stay within the challenge rules. On a US$100,000 account, you face a fixed daily drawdown limit of US$5,000 (5%), which means your account balance should not decline to less than US$95,000 on any trading day. With the initial balance method, your drawdown limit remains at US$5,000 (5%) for day two.
Max. Drawdown
Observe a strict cap on your allowable losses throughout the trading challenge. With an initial demo account balance of US$100,000, you are permitted a maximum drawdown of 10%, which equates to US$10,000. This means that your account equity must not decrease to less than US$90,000 at any point during the challenge. This limit is static and is referenced to your initial account balance, not on a trailing basis or adjusted from the account's peak value.
Min. Trading Days
To ensure consistent performance over chance, the trading challenge requires executing new trades on 5 separate days. A 'trading day' is defined by opening a position, not by its duration. Thus, holding a trade for multiple days counts as one trading day. This rule aims to showcase your trading strategy's reliability rather than one-time luck.
Inactivity Rule
The 30-day inactivity rule requires you to make at least one trade every 30 days. If you don't trade for 30 consecutive days, we'll consider you inactive and close your account. This rule is designed to ensure active participation, continuous learning, risk monitoring, and a commitment to trading as a discipline.
How often you can request the payout as a Dot Point Trader.
Profit Split
Upon successfully completing both the challenge and verification stages to become a Dot Point Trader, you are eligible for an 80% profit share from your trades. With a US$100,000 funded account, if you generate US$10,000 in profits, your share would amount to US$8,000.
Challenge Fee
This challenge fee you paid will be refunded to you along with the first Profit Split after becoming a Dot Point Trader. It’s a fair and rewarding experience for our traders.
USD 5,000
USD 1,000 / USD 500
USD 500
USD 1,000
5 Days
30 Days
Bi-weekly (14 calendar days)
USD 10,000
USD 1,000 / USD 500
USD 500
USD 1,000
5 Days
30 Days
Bi-weekly (14 calendar days)
USD 25,000
USD 2,500 / USD 1,250
USD 1,250
USD 2,500
5 Days
30 Days
Bi-weekly (14 calendar days)
USD 50,000
USD 25,000 / USD 12,500
USD 12,500
USD 25,000
5 Days
30 Days
Bi-weekly (14 calendar days)
USD 100,000
USD 10,000 / USD 5,000
USD 5,000
USD 10,000
5 Days
30 Days
Bi-weekly (14 calendar days)


Max Trading days

For the challenge, there's no maximum trading day limit to ensure highest flexibility for you to operate on your own schedule, but remember to trade at least once every 30 days to prevent account closure.

Trading Leverage

In the challenge, leverage is 1:50 for Forex, 1:30 for indices, 1:20 for commodities, and 1:2 for crypto. This allows higher investment potential while managing risk.

Weekend Carry

You're allowed to keep your trades open over the weekend. This means any positions you have can remain active through the market's closure on Saturday and Sunday.

News Trading

You're permitted to trade during major news events. This means you can place trades before, during, and after economic announcements or when significant news is released that might affect the markets.

Algorithmic Trading

Traders are allowed to employ expert advisors (EAs); however, caution is advised when using popular third-party EAs. Simultaneous use with others following identical strategies could breach the US$400,000 maximum capital allocation rule, risking disqualification for a Dot Point Account.

Trading Cycle

Trading cycles and daily objectives are tied to server time, which is UTC for all year. Every 24 hours at midnight, according to this timezone, drawdown limits and minimum trading day objectives reset. Plan your trades to ensure you meet these requirements within each new cycle.

Advanced Trading Tools

We have teamed up with a leading brokerage, to ensure you have access to a secure and sophisticated trading environment equipped with advanced trading tools such as cTrader and DXtrade (coming soon)

Your Gateway to Global Markets with Dot Point

Diverse Trading Instruments, Unmatched Reliability



Trade major, minor, and exotic currency pairs with competitive spreads.



Access world-class indices and benefit from market movements.



Diversify with precious metals, oil, and other commodities.



Engage with the dynamic cryptocurrency markets.

Why Trade with Us

We empower APAC traders - amplify your skills with our innovative capital and tools

Trade with Our Capital

Access up to US$400,000 to scale your strategies, risk-free.

Profit Sharing

Keep 80% of the profits; we invest in your success.

Advanced Tools

Use cutting-edge tools including
cTrader and DXtrade (coming soon) for precise, efficient trading.

APAC Market Specialist

Based in Hong Kong, provide 24/7 regional support.

Our Commitment to APAC Trading Community

Our vision extends past the trade itself; we're committed to fostering a vibrant community of APAC traders, fully equipped to capitalize on the trading world's dynamic opportunities.

As the development lead at PropGuru, I'm thrilled by our work with Dot Point. We're building a top-notch platform for APAC's traders. Our goal? A strong community of traders ready to take on the market's exciting challenges.

We're creating industry-leading standards with a secure, tech-forward trading space. We're not just reacting to what traders need now; we're looking ahead, preparing for what's coming.

I'm proud to be part of this. It means big things for APAC's traders, and we're just getting started.

Frequently Asked questions

Being a pioneering proprietary trading firm incorporated in Hong Kong that is tailored for APAC traders, Dot Point offers a unique advantage to aspiring traders who utilize our platform. Dot Point is committed to earning and maintaining the trust of our users through transparency and reliable operations. Our proprietary trading challenges are crafted with the utmost integrity, employing best practices to simulate a realistic trading experience within a virtual environment. We understand the importance of trust in financial activities, which is why we adhere to a high standard of ethical conduct and clear communication.
However, it is important for users to recognize that our simulated trading challenges do not involve real financial transactions and are not overseen by financial regulatory authorities. While we operate with a dedication to fairness and user satisfaction, the services we offer are educational and competitive in nature and should not be equated with regulated financial services or investment opportunities.
We encourage all participants to thoroughly review our terms and conditions and fully understand the nature of our simulated trading environment before engaging in our challenges.

Dot Point is actively seeking experienced clients who have a background in trading. To determine if a client possesses the necessary qualities, we have developed a simple 2-step Evaluation Process, which includes the Dot Point Challenge and Verification stages. Once a client successfully completes this evaluation, they will gain access to a Dot Point Account, allowing them to earn rewards of up to 80% of their profits.

We understand that the path of a trader can be challenging, and we are here to support and empower our clients who have strong trading skills.

Our headquarters are located in Hong Kong, which serves as a regional hub for countries in the APAC region, allowing us to offer outstanding support and comprehensive service coverage.

For your convenience, we provide multiple channels to get in touch with us. You can reach out through a contact form, email, our 24/7 Live Chat, or Messenger. All of these contact options can be easily accessed in the dedicated contact section.

We welcome clients from around the world as long as they are at least 18 years old and have profitable trading skills with good risk management. However, there are some exceptions. We cannot provide services to individuals with criminal records related to financial crime or terrorism, and those previously banned for contract breaches.

Trading is tough. As a trader, you face common challenges like undercapitalization, fear of losing money, psychological pressures, lack of discipline, growth limitations, and insufficient support. But with Dot Point Prop Trading, you can access a Dot Point Account with up to US$400,000 simulated capital. This allows you to experience trading without the actual risk of losing your money.

We prioritize trading discipline by closely monitoring your results and providing assessments through Account Analysis and Trader's Analysis. Our rules are designed to teach you professional risk management habits and improve your trading skills. You'll avoid harmful practices like over-trading, revenge trading, and over-leveraging.

And here's the best part: the initial fee you paid will be refunded to you along with the first Profit Split from the Dot Point Account. It's a fair and rewarding experience for our traders.

To become a Dot Point Trader, you need to go through a 2-step Evaluation Process. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Dot Point Challenge

You'll trade on a demo account with virtual funds, following our trading goals. This step offers great account conditions with low fees. If you meet all the requirements, you'll move on to the second step.

Step 2: Verification

In this step, you'll trade on another demo account to confirm your performance and consistency. The rules are easier here. You can find more details about the rules on our Trading Objectives website.

Once you pass the Verification step, you may get the chance to become a Dot Point Trader. We'll review your trading before finalizing the contract. To complete the contract for your Dot Point Account, we'll ask you to provide an ID document like a passport or national ID card. We also need to complete an identification process according to our internal policies.

Please note that we don't offer services to individuals from certain countries, people on sanction lists, those with criminal records related to financial crimes or terrorism, individuals under 18 years old, company trusts, or people previously banned due to breaching our requirements. If we discover any of these issues after the Dot Point Account Agreement is made, we reserve the right to terminate the contract.

It's important to know that we don't grant a Dot Point Account solely based on your past trading history.

To pass the Dot Point Challenge, you need to trade for at least 5 trading days, which don't need to be consecutive. The same requirement applies to the Verification phase, where again you need to trade for at least 5 trading days.

There is no maximum time limit for completing our Evaluation Process. You can take as much time as you need.

Once you meet all 4 Trading Objectives and your trades are reviewed, you can move on to the next phase right away. In total, you can start using your Dot Point Account after just 10 trading days.

In summary, you need to trade for at least 5 days in both the Challenge and Verification phases. There's no rush, as there's no set time limit. After meeting the objectives and having your trades reviewed, you can proceed to the next phase and start using your Dot Point Account.

when you pass all the Trading Objectives in your Dot Point Challenge, you'll receive a notification. You don't need to trade the account anymore as your objectives are marked as passed. We'll be alerted automatically and evaluate your trading results. After 1-2 business days, we'll provide you with the new login credentials for the Verification stage.

You will trade with the same amount of money in your Dot Point Challenge as you did before. For example, if you traded with US$100,000 in your Dot Point Challenge, you will also have a Dot Point Account with US$100,000.

To avoid any confusion, please know that all the accounts we provide to our clients are demo accounts with virtual funds. Once you become a Dot Point Trader, we will give you login details for a demo account. Clients can keep 80% of the profits they make on their Dot Point Account.

If you want to trade with more money in your account, you can apply for another Dot Point Challenge. Each Dot Point Challenge needs to be started from the beginning, even if you passed it before. We allow a maximum of US$400,000 to be allocated to Dot Point Accounts per trader or per strategy at any time. This means you can have 4 accounts with $100,000 each, or 8 accounts with $50,000 each, and so on. Please be careful not to create multiple accounts by registering multiple times. If we find that you are using the same trading strategies across different accounts and the total allocated capital value exceeds US$400,000, we may suspend those accounts according to our agreement.

To manage risk exposure, we offer different leverage ratios for each instrument type: Forex trading has a leverage of 1:50, indices have a leverage of 1:30, commodities have a leverage of 1:20, and cryptocurrencies have a leverage of 1:2.

The Dot Point Challenge is the first step in our evaluation process. Before you can get a Dot Point Account, we need to make sure you can trade responsibly and manage risks properly. This is because we might use your practice trades from the Dot Point Account when trading with real money on financial markets. During the Dot Point Challenge, there are certain rules called Trading Objectives. These rules help maintain a balance between the amount of profit you aim for and the potential losses you can handle.

There is no specific time limit to reach the profit goal during the Dot Point Challenge. You can take as long as you need. Once you meet all the Trading Objectives in your Dot Point Challenge and we review your results, you can move on to the Verification phase. The minimum time it takes to complete a Dot Point Challenge is 5 trading days.

The Verification stage is the final step of our Evaluation Process. Its purpose is to test how consistent you are in your trading. We want to make sure that you can trade your system or strategy profitably over the long term while following the rules. In the Verification stage, the goals you need to achieve are easier compared to the Dot Point Challenge. The amount of profit you need to make is reduced by half, and just like in the first step, there is no time limit to pass.

Once you successfully meet all the goals and we review your results, you can complete your Dot Point Identity and sign the contract for your Dot Point Account. There's no need to wait any longer!

When you become a Dot Point Trader, we trust your trading skills and risk management abilities, providing you with top-rated trading conditions. We want to ensure a stress-free trading experience without any specific profit targets to chase. Instead, we emphasize adherence to drawdown rules like Maximum Daily Loss and Maximum Loss, as they are fundamental to trading. It's important to note that the data from your simulated trades may be used for our own trades in real financial markets.

In a Dot Point Challenge and Verification, you can trade freely during all news releases.

During the Dot Point Challenge or Verification stages, there's no need to close your positions overnight or over the weekend.

However, once you become a Dot Point Trader and have a Dot Point Account, it's important to close your positions just before the weekend market closes or if there's a market break lasting more than 2 hours. It's crucial for Dot Point Traders to follow the designated trading hours for each asset class and its instruments.

If you trade cryptocurrencies, please be aware that certain cryptocurrencies may have specific trading hours during the weekend.

You have the freedom to trade various instruments available on your trading platform, such as Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies.

You can follow the below steps to access trading symbols on cTrader:

  • All symbols are organized in the Watchlists on the MarketWatch panel to the left.
  • By default, there are 4 Watchlists available in the MarketWatch - Popular Markets, Metals, Crypto, and Assets.
  • You can add as many Watchlists to the MarketWatch as you need by clicking + Create.
  • New Watchlist button to the bottom of the MarketWatch. Click on any Watchlist to expand or collapse it.
  • Click on a symbol in the Watchlist to expand or collapse the Symbol tile with the detailed information on it.
  • Use the Finder to the top of the Watchlist to find the desired symbol. Click in the search box to view the whole list of the asset classes and select the desired symbol. Alternatively, use the shortcut Ctrl+f to proceed to the finder or type in the symbol tile or its part to find the desired symbol.

Make sure your trading is legal and doesn't use practices that disrupt the real market. You can have a trading strategy as long as it doesn't interfere with fair trading, exploit harmful practices, or misuse the Evaluation Process and Dot Point Account. Take the time to understand how Dot Point works and read the Terms & Conditions that describe the forbidden trading practices.

Please remember that trading on the Dot Point platform (Evaluation process, Dot Point Account) is just a simulation with virtual funds. However, we may use the data from Dot Point Accounts to trade on our own separate live accounts. We try to recreate real market conditions and expect you to manage risks properly. When you trade on a real market (like with a proprietary trading firm), you have to follow the rules.

At Dot Point, traders are allowed to utilize Expert Advisors (EAs) and Indicators to enhance their trading strategies. However, traders need to keep in mind that if they choose to use a third-party EA, there may already be other traders using the same EA and following the exact same strategy. This poses a risk as traders may exceed the maximum capital allocation rule (US$400,000 per trader per strategy) and subsequently be denied a Dot Point Account.

Hence, it is crucial for traders to exercise caution and make informed decisions when selecting and customizing their trading tools to comply with Dot Point's account guidelines. By carefully considering the potential risks and ensuring that their trading parameters are unique, traders can mitigate the possibility of being denied a Dot Point Account due to exceeding the maximum capital allocation rule.

The relationship between a Dot Point Trader and Dot Point is based on the Dot Point Account Agreement. This agreement is signed after you successfully complete the Dot Point Challenge, Verification, and the KYC/KYB process. The Dot Point Account Agreement is a legal document that outlines both our responsibilities and your rights. If you would like to see a sample of the contract, please contact us at support@dotpointcapital.com.

To sign the contract, follow these steps:

  • Once you meet the Trading Objectives of your Verification, the Dot Point Identity section will be accessible in your Client Portal.
  • In the Dot Point Identity section, you can enter and save your personal or company information and relevant documents. Our compliance team will verify them.
  • The compliance checks usually take less than 1 business day for personal registrations and up to 3 business days for company registrations.
  • Once your information is verified, it will be securely stored in our system. You can then start using your Dot Point Account(s) or proceed to sign a new Dot Point Account Agreement.
  • There are three types of identities to choose from: Natural Person, Entrepreneur, and Company. Each has specific requirements and verification processes.
  • After passing your KYC or KYB check, the Dot Point Account Agreement will be available for review and signing in your Client Area under Dot Point Traders - Contracts. You can read through the contract and complete it using your Dot Point Identity with just a few clicks.

After completing the Dot Point Challenge and Verification, Dot Point Traders will have the same account balance size as they chose for their preceding challenge.

To avoid confusion, once a client becomes a Dot Point Trader, they will receive a demo account with virtual funds. Clients are entitled to keep up to 80% of the profits generated on their Dot Point Account.

Please note that there are no upgrading options available. It's important to choose the appropriate account size when configuring your Dot Point Challenge initially. However, if you want to increase your account size, you can start a new Dot Point Challenge and, upon successfully passing the Evaluation Process again, we will provide you with another Dot Point Account. Remember that our maximum capital allocation on Dot Point Accounts is US$400,000 per trader/strategy.

Once a client becomes a Dot Point Trader, they will receive a demo account with virtual funds.

A Dot Point Account is an account with entirely virtual funds but real market quotes. It's important to note that the broker does not provide any real money (liquidity) to us or Dot Point Traders. We only have access to market quotes. As a result, our clients do not actually execute trades on live markets.

Separately, Dot Point engages in trading using its own real financial resources, outside of the Dot Point platform. During this process, Dot Point may utilize trading data obtained from its clients' Dot Point Accounts. Dot Point continuously monitors and analyzes the trades executed by Dot Point Traders in the demo environment. Based on this analysis, Dot Point decides whether to execute trades for its own account. Importantly, this execution does not affect Dot Point's clients or their simulated trading. These two processes—Dot Point Trader's trading and Dot Point's trading—are independent, and Dot Point Traders are not influenced by Dot Point's trading activities.

At Dot Point Traders, you have the chance to earn actual cash by trading successfully with virtual money in your Dot Point Account. If you can make a profit with the virtual funds by showcasing your trading expertise, we'll reward you with real money.

Every month, you can share in the profits from your Dot Point Account. You're eligible to request a payout 14 calendar days after your initial trade if you’ve earned a profit. If you don't specifically request a payout after 14 calendar days, it defaults to the 30th day after your initial trade.

We process payouts within 1-2 business days once we receive your invoice. You can receive your profits via bank wire, and we don't charge any fees for these withdrawals. However, it's important to note that bank transfers are not available for certain countries, including Venezuela, Cuba, Sudan, and Ukraine, because of regulatory restrictions.

There is no minimum profit requirement to receive a Profit Split; traders only need to generate enough profit to cover the transaction fees*. Regardless of the profit amount, traders are entitled to withdraw 80% of it.

* Due to imposed fees for payout transfers, there is a minimum closed profit requirement of at least US$50 for bank wire to cover the cost of a transaction.

Please keep in mind that you have full responsibility and liability for the payment of any taxes, levies, or fees that are applicable to you in relation to the Dot Point Account Agreement, as per the relevant laws and regulations. Dot Point is not able or authorized to offer any tax advice or instructions.

The account specification can be seen directly in the trading platform.

Please familiarize yourself with the offer and conditions of each instrument you trade.

Platform server time: UTC

The leverage we offer is up to 1:50 (Forex) and cannot be increased. The leverage can be lowered upon request. As at all stages you trade with fictitious capital only, the leverage is applied to this fictitious capital only.

You can trade your Dot Point Challenge, Verification, and Dot Point Account on cTrader. We will be offering DXtrade shortly and upon further user request we will continuously add other popular trading platforms.

After you sign up for Dot Point, you may apply for a Dot Point Challenge by configuring your account parameters based on the preferred challenge type and trading platform.

After you submit the order form, you will be redirected to the payment page and you will also receive the order confirmation email.

We aim to make payments hassle-free for you. You have various payment options available for the Dot Point Challenge, including debit/credit cards, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay (note that for WeChat Pay only desktop version is allowed), FPS and some other local payment methods.

However, please note that bank transfers are not available for payments or payouts in certain countries due to regulatory reasons. These countries include Venezuela, Cuba, Sudan, and Ukraine.

No, we do not impose any additional or hidden fees. The one-time fee for a Dot Point Challenge covers all expenses, including the Verification process. There are absolutely no recurring fees associated with our services. Furthermore, once you successfully pass the Dot Point Challenge and Verification, your fee will be reimbursed to you through the first Profit Split on your Dot Point Account.

Upon receiving your payment, we initiate the processing of your Dot Point Challenge account promptly. Typically, the processing time for a Dot Point Challenge account is within a few hours. However, in rare cases, it may take up to 24 hours to create your Dot Point Challenge.

Once your trading account is created, you will receive a Dot Point Challenge notification via email. Your login credentials for the trading platform can be accessed directly from your Client Portal. We advise you to regularly check your email, including the spam/junk folders, for any updates.

It is crucial that you safeguard your login credentials and refrain from authorizing anyone other than yourself to access them. Please note that we cannot be held responsible if your account is accessed by any unauthorized individuals.

The fee encompasses the expenses required for the functioning of Dot Point, including the design, development, and operation of the Dot Point platform, which encompasses the technical infrastructure supporting the provided services. Additionally, the fee covers the creation and development of all applications and content made accessible to our clients.

It's important to note that the fee acts as a maximum limit on potential losses, ensuring that you cannot lose more than this amount. Furthermore, the fee is always refunded to the trader with their first Profit Split from a Dot Point Account, once they successfully pass the Evaluation process.

There are no restrictions on the number of accounts you can have during the Dot Point Challenge and Verification stage. However, as a Dot Point Trader, there is a maximum capital allocation limit of US$400,000 per trader or strategy at any given time. These limits are in place to ensure risk mitigation and diversification.

Please refrain from creating multiple accounts through different registrations, as this is not permitted. If we discover identical trading strategies across multiple accounts, resulting in a total active balance exceeding US$400,000 in Dot Point Accounts, we reserve the right to suspend those accounts according to the contract terms.

If you wish to consolidate your individual Dot Point Accounts into a single master Dot Point Account, we can accommodate your request. The combined Dot Point Accounts must have at least their initial account balance and meet the following conditions:

  • The Dot Point Account is not in drawdown.
  • There is no pending profit for your Profit Split.
  • All accounts to be merged have the same risk configuration.
  • All accounts to be merged are denominated in the same base currency.

Once merged, the single Dot Point Account will have a combined balance value and adhere to the drawdown limits of 5% Maximum Daily Loss and 10% Maximum Loss. If you wish to compound your profits, there is no need to withdraw them before merging the accounts.